Random Lottery Numbers Generator



Why Use Random Numbers?

Using random numbers for the lotto ticket is a way to increase your chances to win. Many people think that using personal numbers such as dates of birth, or house number, or the age will help them increase the chances to win. That is not true at all, think about it this way, if all people played their date of birth, why would yours be luckier than others’?

random numbers

Even if you pick some random numbers, your subconscious will try to add some sort of meaning to your numbers, for instance your lucky number, or any number that has a meaning to you. Your subconscious will automatically kick in making you pick numbers meaningful numbers, so if you want to increase your chances to win you need to use the random lottery numbers generator.

The random lottery numbers generator is a script that generates 7 numbers in the 1 – 49 range, which is the range used by the most important lotteries.